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HL2 Panorama

Our SaaS platform allows for quick application development through an intuitive graphical user interface:

  • connect and manage your devices
  • create application dashboards with the provided visualization widgets
  • define shared or specific products (data models).

Need to manage multiple accounts, dashboards and teams with specific permissions? Our Organizations feature has got you covered.

You’re just a few clicks away from your live dashboard!

Panorama example
    "ts": {
      "gte": 1497564000,
      "lte": 1497650399
    "queries": [{
      "includes": ["room temperature"],
      "products": ["58ada14316b15b000f7be550"],
      "query": {
        "bool": {
          "filter": [{
            "terms": {
              "": ["58ada0ab16b15b000f7be54d"]

Seamless data integration

We’ve built a standard REST API that fits any workflow.

It gives you access to an Elasticsearch™ analytics engine to search and analyze your data.

Keep what you have, add what you need: you can choose the level of integration with your existing solution, or even start from scratch using our modules exclusively.

LPWAN on steroids

Our innovative network stack features two protocols, SCAP (Secure Constrained Application Protocol) and LTP (Lightweight Transport Protocol) specifically targeted at LPWAN networks, and addressing their limitations:

  • improved QoS
  • improved performance
  • segmentation & recombination (2 patents pending)
  • heightened end-to-end security, from device to application, independent of operators or technologies
  • simplified development workflow

It’s LPWAN as it should be: simple, secure, and feature-complete.

Operator roaming made easy

Think you have to choose an operator beforehand and stick with it? Think again: with our solution, your hardware can be connected to several LPWAN providers, and switch between them to always use the best connection available.

We support:

The choice is yours. We’ve done all the hard work so you don’t have to.


Device ecosystem

We support the most widely used LPWAN modems:

  • MultiTech™
  • Murata™ (pending)
  • Nemeus™
  • Telecom Design™

Integrate our SCAP/LTP stack into your device and you’re done!

Telecom Design (TD1208) image Nemeus (MM02-LS-EU, MM02-L-EU) image Multitech (MTDOT-868) image

Don’t own an LPWAN device? Use ours!

Our generic and open device, the PLD, is Sigfox- and LoRaWAN-compatible, and fully customizable.

PLD means “Place and Leave Device”. Literally. It sports a rugged, waterproof case, and can be powered through a long-life lithium cell (up to 10 years of operation) or using its standard battery holder.

It is Arduino™ compatible - we provide the library source code on GitHub™, alongside the manual, examples, and other resources.

The PLD makes prototyping a breeze, but can also be used as the core of your production devices.

What will you build next?

Meet the team

Didier Longueville image
Didier Longueville

CTO and co-founder

Florent Agneray image
Florent Agneray


Mickael Bosch image
Mickael Bosch

Hardware tech lead

Kevin Pollet image
Kevin Pollet

Software tech lead

Claude Wesquy image
Claude Wesquy

Business development manager

David Cho-lerat image
David Cho-lerat

Software engineer

Guillaume Seguin image
Guillaume Seguin

Software engineer

Catherine Lagorre image
Catherine Lagorre

Accounting & admin

Anthony Rabine image
Anthony Rabine

Firmware engineer

Yoann Merceron image
Yoann Merceron

Hardware engineer