HL2 group joins the LoRa Alliance

HL2 group joining the LoRa Alliance was self-evident after these last 3 years devoted to developing our set of technologies based on LPWAN.

As active contributors to ETSI - the European Telecommunications Standards Institute, which provides specifications for the virtualization of network services, and thus determines the standards of LTN - it seemed only natural to become a member of the LoRa Alliance.

Our specialty is to bring to market a range of products and services allowing the development of networks of intelligent objects, communicating through LPWAN:

  • pre-assembled rapid-prototyping hardware
  • embedded software
  • dual technology LPWAN modems (LoRa & SigFox)
  • telecom subscriptions
  • SaaS applications

This membership will allow us to strengthen our leading position on the LoRaWAN market, by expanding our partners ecosystem.

23 Mar 2016