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hl2, your IoT technology provider


hl2 Panorama

Scalable and interoperable IoT gateway

  • Collect data from LPWAN IoT operators (Sigfox, Orange, Objenious, Actility, Loriot, TTN, …)
  • National / international roaming management for public and private operators
  • Centralized registration of objects (automatic operator provisioning)
  • Data provisioning in your application (network to business data decoding/encoding)
  • Simple and efficient administration of your fleet of objects
  • REST APIs to quickly add features to your application (common API for all operators)

SCAP / LTP network stack

Make the most of LPWAN IoT networks, easily

  • Simplified application creation
  • Secure transfer of data from the object to your application, for all operators (AES-256 GCM encryption, 96-bit authentication and anti-replay)
  • Business data transmission of arbitrary size (dynamic packet size depending on the radio conditions, the IoT network, and the data set size)
  • Structuring of transmitted data
  • Improvement of your application's QoS
  • Supports many IoT LPWAN modems (Murrata, Nemeus, Multitech, …)

Customizable object

PLD reference design (Place and Leave Device)

  • Integrate a tested and versatile object ready to be tailored to your own applications' needs
  • Up to 10 years of autonomy thanks to an ultra-low-power design, optimized energy management (LEAF framework), and a high capacity battery
  • Modular electronic architecture, additional features available through shields
  • Compatible with the majority of digital sensors (I2C, SPI, UART, PWM, …)
  • Compact, rugged and waterproof enclosure
  • Communication on Sigfox and LoRaWAN IoT networks (ETSI & FCC) and SCAP / LTP
  • Open source LEAF framework for quick and easy creation of industrial IoT applications (energy management, task management, device management, IoT communication, …)

Edge computing SDK


  • Add intelligence to your object right next to the measurement point
  • Improved application responsiveness and resilience
  • Reduced operating cost for your applications
  • Specifically designed with IoT in mind, very frugal use of resources (computation, memory, energy)
  • Measurements turned into high-level, high-value business information
  • Business modules embedding advanced algorithms suitable for vibration analysis, acoustic analysis, trend analysis and prediction
  • Wide range of statistical, modeling and signal processing functions

Use cases

IoT predictive analysis system for rotating machines

This vibration analysis system produces conventional business data and predicts defects using algorithms running right next to the sensor (Edge Computing). This information allows to smoothly scale up from preventive to predictive maintenance.

Conventional on-board processing: rotational speed, temperature, RMS, OVL, OAL, characteristic frequency amplitude (low frequency range), frequency band amplitudes, ISO 10816 / ISO 2372 threshold overruns. On-board predictive analysis (experimental): classification of defects, vibratory energy drift by frequency bands (self-learning), expected uptime before a threshold overrun (arbitrary or ISO).

Autonomous gunshot detection system

Based on the analysis of acoustic signals, this reference design allows the detection of sound events and their filtering to effectively discriminate sounds produced by a firearm from any other similar sound. The object includes a patent-pending algorithm assuring extremely short reaction times and high reliability.

Data is securely transmitted over IoT LPWAN networks. The recipient is informed of where and when an assault involving a firearm took place and what kind of weapon was used, to effectively decide on the response strategy.


  • Didier Longueville
  • CTO and co-founder
  • Mickael Bosch
  • Hardware tech lead
  • Yoann Merceron
  • Hardware engineer